28 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

BC Events in Firenze...

Just came back from a lovely 3 days event in  Florence. We had an unforgettable program that perfectly reflected the couple's preferences ..with traditional style welcome dinner, wine tasting in the tuscan hills, classical music and the a dreamy wedding dinner beneath the Duomo .
I wish the happy couple's life together to be as joyful and loving and unfortattable as these 3 days in Florance .

Over the next three days I will be posting pictures of each day in detail .

First up ; an Italian style welcome dinner in Piazza Santa Maria Novella at VINCANTO with lovely
Anthony and Giovanni .... thank you ...

2 yorum:

  1. Muhtesem Candan Hanim!

    Keske size ulasamayan, sizle calisma imkani olmayan insanlarin dugun hazirlarina tavsiyelerde bulunabilseniz.

    Kendi nikah kokteylimi organize etmek istiyorum, ve adeta okyanusta boguluyor gibi oluyorum.


  2. not only the event looks awesome. You look awesome to. Everything looks quality in a warm cosy set up. Congratulations..:))


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