8 Temmuz 2013 Pazartesi

BC Events.. Tents

                                                     BC decorated Tents over the years....

                                                               Private Birthday Parties

                                                     Wedding Ceremony in a Tent

                                                           Wedding in Gocek

                                         Engagement Dinner in a Tent on Bosphorus

                                                                      Baby Shower

                                                          At home with...

                                                             Private Party

2 yorum:

  1. Hello, accidentally stumbled onto your site. I think your company is doing a great job but it seems as though you are against the idea of less is more. It looks like every table and corner are filled to the rim with decorations, zillions of candles and centerpieces. I think it'd look more elegant and beautiful if you did not overwhelm the tables with too much "stuff". Some of the centerpieces you use are so tall. I think centerpieces should always be low enough that guests on each side of the table can see over it and converse. There's nothing worst than trying to talk to somebody through the tall greenery.

  2. Please can you tell me the venue name of the picture in gocek?
    Thank you


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