5 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Grand Bazaar..

Sevgili Serdar Gulgun un butun bilgileri verdigi sahane kitap Grand Bazaar i siddetle tavsiye ediyorum ( resimler, bilgiler, sunum dort dortluk )  by Assouline ...

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul Luxury Edition Coffee Table Book

With its rich and colorful 500-year history, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has quite a story to tell. This luxury slipcase edition takes a comprehensive look at the world's most vibrant and inspiring marketplace, replete with dazzling images by esteemed photographer Laziz Hamani and texts by an Istanbul-born Ottoman art expert and collector. Discover jewels, furniture, fabrics, silver, spices, antiques, collectibles, and much more in nearly 300 pages in this once-in-a-lifetime book.
Founded over half a millennium ago by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has quite a story to tell, surviving fires and earthquakes over the centuries, each time rising renewed from its ashes like a phoenix. With thousands of stores, stalls, workshops, and storehouses, along with cafés, change offices, banks, and fountains-even a post office, a police station, and a mosque-the Grand Bazaar is a city unto itself. In this comprehensive overview of the history and legacy of luxury art crafts in Turkey, the vibrant spirit of the Grand Bazaar is revealed through stories by Ottoman art expert Serdar Gülgün and dazzling images by esteemed photographer Laziz Hamani. Presented in a luxury slipcase, this volume showcases the wonders of the Grand Bazaar's most singular boutiques.

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